Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my book featured in the bookstore?

Book@ looks for quality and timeliness for books to be featured in the bookstore. You can request your book be reviewed by contacting customer service. Books of high quality are those that have received positive editorial and/or customer reviews and have been deemed high quality by Book@. Timely books are those that are relevant to current events or hot topics in the media, or titles that are appropriate for the particular time of year.

My book just went live, why isn’t it showing up in the “New Releases” section?

The “New Releases” section is updated manually once a week. If your book is not displayed the week following its release, contact customer support by email.

Who can I contact if I have a question that is not answered here?

If you have any additional questions about the new bookstore, contact customer support of Book@ store.

How can I edit my book detail page?

Contact Book@ store admin to edit your book detail page with details.

How can I find the new link to my new book detail page?

Please visit the online bookstore and search for your title or pen name. Find your book in the search results and click on the title to be taken to your book detail page.
If you cannot find the link, contact customer support by phone or by email.

Why isn’t my book detail page showing updates I requested?

Changes you need to make to your book detail page will now take at least one business day to appear. If your changes still aren’t displaying after the next full business day, contact Customer Support.

What are the features of my book detail page?

Your book detail page is your book’s information hub where readers can learn about and purchase your title. Features include:
A brief synopsis of your book
Price of the Book
NOTE: All changes made to your book detail page will be reviewed by Book@ and posted after one business day.

I am a customer. How do I place a book order?

Customers can place orders directly through the bookstore by clicking the Add to cart option.

Who can I call to place a volume book order?

If you need to place a volume book order you may contact the book sales team of Book@ online store.

How do I find the book I’m looking for?

Through the advanced search engine, you can find books you are looking for by searching the name of the book, author’s name, genre, and subject or even by keywords that may be associated with the book.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment using debit cards, credit cards, online bank transfer, checques and cash. To avoid the long delays that often occur when waiting for personal checques to clear the bank, we accept only certified checques and money orders.

Is it safe to use my credit card when paying?

Shopping at Book@ is safe. We provide a secure server for all purchases and anything involving your personal account information. This server utilizes an encryption technology designed to protect the information you provide.

Can I get a special discount for ordering multiple copies?

Please contact customer support of the Book@ store to get more information

How can I track my order?

Email confirmation will be sent at the time of shipping to your email address on file. This shipping confirmation will allow the user to track purchases online.