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Girish Chandran

Globalization of Indian education
Not westernization of Indian education.

Designing a global Indian
Education Ecosystem

ISBN  978-93-87398-65-8


9 in stock

A definitive guide to the original contributions of India in Science, Education and Culture.
– Dr. C. Krishnan Nambudiri,
Bharatiya Samskriti Seva Ratnam, Researcher

Dr. Girish Chandran’s useful and interesting book on Science and Education in India provides the reader with thought-provoking ideas and perspectives about the past, present and future. One may not agree with all that is being argued by the author. That is neither necessary nor possible. What is important is to have a serious debate on very important subjects like education and science and their relevance to the future of humankind.
– Sri M A Baby, Former Education Minister of Kerala and CPI(M) Polit Bureau Member.

The book captioned swedheshi.edu throws opens several pertinent questions which boil down to the crux of Gandhian observation at the Round Table Conference in 1931, “The beautiful tree of education was cut down by you British. Therefore today India is far more illiterate than it was 100 years ago.
– Cdr SJ Singh NM, A veteran of the Education Branch of Indian Navy

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